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"Forever Young version 10.3.1-alpha" or the Quest for Perfection

I love challenging the established notions about how one should release music and art in general, especially when technology has given us the opportunity to reevaluate the way music is produced, therefore the excuse to do it differently. For me music and art is no different than a piece of software. It has a purpose, a methodology and an audience. That means that principles that belong to...


I look around and all I see is meat. An overabundance of meat of all kinds and budgets. In all forms and combinations. Let me get this straight, I love meat, I am certainly not a vegetarian. I need meat like any human body needs.

But this has gone TOO FAR. 

We need to stop deifying meat. It's not capitalism's fault, it's not the meat industry's...

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a 100-song album! wait... what?

Together with the release of "Forever Young" you may have noticed I announced the release of my debut album titled "Whoami?" which will consist of 100 songs. How is that even possible, you may think. The artist known for never actually releasing anything will now release 100 songs?

I will skip the babble about new distribution models and how the music industry has changed, and give you...

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Hello, again...

It's been a while since I last wrote sth on the blog or send out a newsletter. Almost a year actually. Some people thought I quit, hell even I sometimes felt I did. But I haven't, I CAN'T! It is impossible for me to "just let it go",cause I'm so far down the rabbit hole. VAVILON is so enormous inside my head that it has a heart on it's own, feeding off of my brain, demanding total control of...

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