Vavilon is an art collective for people who believe in the power of art to change the world.

It's been a while since I last wrote sth on the blog or send out a newsletter. Almost a year actually. Some people thought I quit, hell even I sometimes felt I did. But I haven't, I CAN'T! It is impossible for me to "just let it go",cause I'm so far down the rabbit hole. VAVILON is so enormous inside my head that it has a heart on it's own, feeding off of my brain, demanding total control of my mind. VAVILON is a monster. It can wield its claws and shake the earth, stand up and be seen at the other side of the earth. Or VAVILON is a cute harmless pussycat that meows everytime it wants to be fed. Truth is VAVILON is what you and I make of it, it's up to you and me. It can be a gigantic wave of change making a huge impact on the world or it can be a small local group of people who like my music and have fun shooting videos and dancing to my tunes. I am aiming for the former.

If you are following closely you will have noticed VAVILON has changed. Indeed it has gotten better. You see I am building VAVILON with scale in mind; VAVILON can scale, which means it is based on foundations that can support 100 people as easily as they can support 100 billion people. I am sparing no expense, VAVILON is a costly endeavor both in time and money, but scalability means VAVILON can grow as we throw any of the two onto it. The structures I built, the concepts that govern its operation are built to scale. It is a marvel.

You are still wondering why you are reading this, why you are here, what is VAVILON after all? Well, VAVILON is a platform. A platform of change through art. It is a place for people who believe art should be taken more seriously, more like politics and more like science. Because in Vavilon art IS politics, art IS science. And everyone can create art therefore everyone can do politics and science. That is the point. With an art-based civilization model, everyone is equal, everyone can change the world. Art levels the playing field. What is art after all if not the most fundamental form of self expression since the dawn of mankind? See? I cannot escape VAVILON. How could I? I am an artist and VAVILON gives a whole new meaning to writing a song, shooting a photo or painting something. Its a newfound world and I am held captive by its sirens.

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