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Together with the release of "Forever Young" you may have noticed I announced the release of my debut album titled "Whoami?" which will consist of 100 songs. How is that even possible, you may think. The artist known for never actually releasing anything will now release 100 songs? I will skip the babble about new distribution models and how the music industry has changed, and give you the logic behind this seemingly blatant claim. It simply works for me. You see I am lucky enough to control all aspects of my songwriting from lyrics to melody to orchestration, recording, mixing and sometimes mastering. But this has been a blessing in disguise. Ever since I started writing as Skauss, since 2005 that is, I haven't been able to release anything simply because nothing ever felt "finished" to my ears. There was always room for improvement the next day, and the next and the next, and since I was in charge of finishing the production of a song, I had an unlimited budget and time to add that extra hihat or tune that kick like that song I just heard on the radio. Fast forward ten years later and I have a stockpile of songs "almost ready" and you know what? They will never be, because it's how it's meant to be. Fluid, unfinished, evolving. Art must grow along with us and adapt to change. What's the benefit of pressing a song to a CD if nobody buys one? Songs are living-breathing organisms. Why fossilize them? I am releasing this album as a paradigm to other artists, as a demonstration of a new form of freedom to create art in the current age. Will this album ever be completed? Who knows for sure? All I know is we're in for one hell-of-a-ride!

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