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I look around and all I see is meat. An overabundance of meat of all kinds and budgets. In all forms and combinations. Let me get this straight, I love meat, I am certainly not a vegetarian. I need meat like any human body needs.

But this has gone TOO FAR. 

We need to stop deifying meat. It's not capitalism's fault, it's not the meat industry's fault, it's not the slaughterhouse's fault. It's OUR fault. It's a mechanical fault. We are wired to crave meat. Humans have been dependant on it for hundreds of thousands of years, our body needs it to function optimally, because it has evolved in a meat-bountiful environment. But that is not an excuse for what's happening today.

The meat industry is a disgrace to humanity

This overabundance combined with our mechanical flaw for craving meat has turned us into some kind of monsters, urged by the ever-tasty meat industry to consume more and more WITHOUT REMORSE. It's so easy for them to sell meat that they almost run the industry on auto-pilot. And when an entire industry reaches such a point of saturation when the profits cannot be maximized any further than they already are, then comes CORRUPTION. Artificial maximization of profits. Overfeeding animals, genetically modifying chickens, packing farms with 50 times their capacity, butchering anything that has meat, feeding the dead animals to the living.

Don't you see it already? WE power this industry. WE are the monsters. We are overfed, obese, sick, puking our last supper yet eagerly waiting for that OBSCENELY OVERSIZED VEAL STEAK to land on our tables and start clutching our knifes like there is no tomorrow. Why? Because it is so easy to find meat that we have LOST ALL RESPECT FOR THE HUNT.

At the foundation of our meat eating habbits live these cute little fellows that we love so much when we are kids, then slowly realize that they are actually made of "bacon" and we absolve ourselves because EVERYONE LOVES BACON SO FUCKING MUCH. We are taught slowly yet steadily to look the other way and enjoy that delicious bacon cheeseburger.

We must learn to RESPECT the animals again

Animals have been stripped of their lives so that you can eat to survive. But we're past the agony of survival, so we eat meat to please ourselves. Remember that. Every bite of meat you take, an animal's life was taken away for your enjoyment. Do you enjoy it the same now? Eating meat is not a godamn recreation. It costs lives, animal lives,  and animal lives matter too. Their intelligence may not be as highly evolved as ours but the same could be said for some humans too. Do you eat humans?





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