Vavilon is an art collective for people who believe in the power of art to change the world.

I love challenging the established notions about how one should release music and art in general, especially when technology has given us the opportunity to reevaluate the way music is produced, therefore the excuse to do it differently. For me music and art is no different than a piece of software. It has a purpose, a methodology and an audience. That means that principles that belong to the world of software could be applied to art as well. I've been toying with the idea of indefinite song versions for a long time now, and I after the release of my debut single, I've come to the conclusion that art should be able to be revised, just like software. I really dont see the reason why it shouldn't. 

You see, the official release of "Forever young" on Spotify and other digital outlets should mean two things: 1. The song is "finished", therefore complete and 2. The song has achieved its purpose. But that is not the case. I've been working on this song since 2012, after the release of "Hopes and letdowns", when trying to integrate vocals into "Hopes and letdowns" I ended up with Forever Young, and yet I still have ideas I have to try on the song, to make it better. For me? No. For eveyone. 

You see releasing a piece of art is the ultimate contribution to society and should not be taken lightly. Art is a powerful thing, as we have established here in Vavilon. It can do great good but it can also do nothing at all if it is not universally good enough to attract an audience that will help it achieve its purpose. And I am certain all art has a purpose, sometimes personal but other times a more universal one, a mission. My dream is one day all artists will choose the later.

Has "Forever young" fullfiled its mission? After countless interactions with people whose opinion in music matters, I think not. It was a step in the right direction, but it has its flaws. Why should I declare the case closed then when there is so much potential in incrementaly improving what you already have, to make it better, so that one day you may achieve perfection? There, I said it. That is the real quest I am talking about. The journey to perfection. The quintessential piece of art that can change the world in one fell swoop. Idealistic you think? Not impossible I say. After all, perfection is only a word.

So, are we there yet? No. Get ready to listen to the next version of Forever Young in my debut EP coming late August,  "Whoami, Pt. 2" and lets see if we got any closer to "perfection". 


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