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Some more thoughts on the 100-song album

A lot of people are eager to find out more details about my debut 100-song album, Whoami? "Are you serious?", they say.

Just think about this for a second.  A piece of art is complete only when the artist is dead...

I enjoy an early 1996 rendition of "Lift" by Radiohead even more than the "final" version of the song. Why? Because - for me - it's better. We all perceive art subjectively. 

I have been dancing to these 100 songs for the past 10 years and hopefully I can share the joy and have other people dance with me and my unfinished symphonies too. THAT is my 100-song album.


I love challenging the established notions about how one should release music and art in general, especially when technology has given us the opportunity to reevaluate the way music is produced, therefore the excuse to do it differently. For me music and art is no different than a piece of software. It has a purpose, a methodology and an audience. That means that principles that belong to...

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A list of songs I've been working on the past years. A huge part of my life, lots of memories in each tune. Hopes and letdowns, achievements and failures, it's all in there.  You will notice a rating next to each song. I don't like it but I read more inside VAVILON PLUS
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